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Who is behind Swirly Scents?

All Swirly Scents wax melts are designed, poured and send by me (Tatjana Maul) personally. I pour and create every wax melt by hand with love.

Are all Swirly Scents wax melts identical?

Because every Swirly Scents wax melt is created by hand, they are all unique and can therefore sometimes differ in how they look. This doesn’t affect the scent.

What are Swirly Scents wax melts made of?

Swirly Scents are made with 100% ecological soy wax, the best quality fragrance oils, natural minerals and candle dye. 

The rainforest isn’t affected by this soy wax and it’s fair trade. It is grown without herbicides and pesticides and is not genetically manipulated. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and absolutely non-toxic.

how are the Swirly Scents ecological justified?

Swirly Scents are made with 100% ecological soy wax. The rainforest isn’t affected by this soy wax and it’s fair trade. It is grown without herbicides and pesticides and it’s not genetically manipulated. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and absolutely non-toxic.

Is Swirly Scents Vegan?

Yes, Swirly Scents loves animals, which is why our products do not contain any animal ingredients.

Is Swirly Scents Cruelty Free?

Yes, Swirly Scents loves animals and we therefore think it is important that our ingredients and end products are not tested on animals.

Is the magical swirl in Swirly Scents toxic?

No. The magical swirl in Swirly Scents is made out of a special 100% natural mineral powder. It’s not chemical, non-toxic and safe to use.

How to use the Swirly Scents wax melts?

Remove the Swirly Scents wax melt from the package. Consider how much you want to use and keep in mind the size of your burner. You can use the wax melt in its entirety or carefully cut it into pieces and use a small piece each time. The burners on this website fit a whole wax melt.

Place the correct amount of Swirly Scents wax melt in a suitable oil burner. Follow the oil burner instructions. 

Grab a hot cup of tea and let your senses enjoy. 

(You do not have to add water.)

How long can a Swirly Scents wax melt be used? 

Swirly Scents wax melts can be used for as long as until there is no more scent throw. You don’t have to use the wax melt all in one go. If you turn the burner off, the wax will cool down and become hard again. When you want to use it again, turn on your burner and the wax will simply melt again. You can repeat this for as long as you want or until there is no more scent throw.

How long can I keep my Swirly Scents wax melts for?

It is best to use Swirly Scents wax melts within one year for the best scent retention. After a year, the scents could gradually decrease.

How do I get the wax out of my burner?

The easiest way to get leftover wax out of your burner is to turn on your burner just long enough for the bottom layer of wax to slightly melt. The wax will come out very easily. (Be careful not to burn your fingers!) 

It is best to wipe the remaining wax layer off with a paper towel and throw it in the trash. 

Do not pour the wax down the drain! Wax could leave a layer of wax in the pipes that becomes hard when it cools down. This can lead to blockages.

Why doesn’t the wax of my Swirly Scents wax melt Disappear?

The Swirly Scents wax melts are made from 100% ecological soy wax. This wax is smoke-free and therefore (unlike chemical paraffin wax) does not get into the air and into your lungs. The wax melts when heated and hardens when cooled on its own.


A characteristic of pure soy wax is that, with time, it can acquire a white haze. Although this may look a little less beautiful, it does not change the quality and smell of the wax melt.

To keep the wax melts as natural as possible, I chose not to add any chemicals for this white haze. This is because it can make the wax melt harmful for you and the environment and also because it does not give a 100% guarantee that the white haze will not appear.

Short explanation: It is a characteristic of pure soy wax. The wax melt can still be used and it doesn’t affect the scent.

Help! There’s smoke coming off my Swirly Scents wax melt!!

This can happen when the wax becomes too hot and can be prevented by using an appropriate burner with the right dimensions so that the wax won’t get too hot. For example: the wax melt burners on this website work well with the Swirly Scents wax melts.

Are the Swirly Scents wax melts edible?

No! The Swirly Scents wax melts are not edible, no matter how much they smell like sweets and other foods!

How can I pay for my order?

Payments on orders can be made through Ideal & Paypal. In exceptional cases, an alternative payment option may be considered. Please contact Swirly Scents at if you think this applies to you.

Does Swirly Scents ship to my country?

Packages are being shipped from The Netherlands. I strive to provide full worldwide shipping. See shipping information for your country on our Shipping & Handling page. If you have any questions please send an email to and I will do my absolute best to help you with your order.

Why was there plastic packaging with my order?

All orders are packed with great care and sent in either a bubble envelope, a sturdy letterbox package box or post package box.

I believe in recycling materials and try to avoid plastic. Most of the plastic that may be used is recycled. Try to pay attention to this yourself too and reuse/recycle packaging as much as possible!

How to return my products?

Returns are possible within 14 days. If you’d like to return something, then please contact Swirly Scents at well in advance for further instructions.

Read more about our return policy on the Shipping & Handling page.

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